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Additional Information

Hi there,

Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in Full Circle Designs.  My name is Kristien (Kristy) Stevenson and that's a photo of me on a rare "good hair day".   I've been a passionate Designer... forever.  Or it seems like it!  Growing up in the Seattle area, I was more interested in creating & furnishing homes for my dolls than in the dolls themselves. Or in re-arranging my bedroom to create better 'flow'.  That was the beginning of how I evolved into the Designer I am today. 

As a young adult, I worked for many years in & around the Interior Design world.  I also spent too much time in Doctors offices and hospitals.  Those dreary, depressing places motivated me to learn about how to change them for the better.  So, I went back to school.  After graduating with a degree in Architecture from the University of Washington in '93,  I went on to blend my Interior Design experience with my education and found that the design / build model of home renovations was the perfect fit.  I've been a firm believer in 'design it before you build it' ever since.  It saves time, money, and stress for everyone!

Every house has possibilities.  And every home Owner has unique wants and needs.  That's why my Team and I listen, take notes, ask a lot of questions, and listen some more.  Because your best solution may not be someone else's best solution.  Your home should be all about you.  So that's what we focus on - You!

Mission statements – At Full Circle Designs, we believe that great designs begin with a comprehensive understanding of our clients' wants, needs and expectations.  It's our goal to provide the best design solutions that bring all parts of the design together as a whole, from beginning to end and with all parties involved.  This creates a complete vision that is unified and carried through, down to the last detail.

It's your home, not ours.  We're here to bring your vision to fruition.  With all the services we offer, we're here to listen, guide, and help create a home that works for you - the home of your dreams.